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How much do new grads earn at Coles?


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Justin [00:00:01] And how much do graduate roles pay at Coles? 

Rem [00:00:03] Graduate roles at Kohl's pay 75K inclusive of super in first year and that actually increases to 85 K inclusive of super in second year. 

Justin [00:00:13] Perfect. Yeah. I forgot. In Australia the salaries are so much higher. 75 for a starting role, I'd say  like 45 to 50 is more standard in Canada. 

Rem [00:00:25] Yeah. That, that, that's where, that's where I started all those years ago. And now look at it, I'm like earning nearly double what I started on. I'm like, it's crazy. 

Justin [00:00:33] Better. Yeah. Yeah, that's. Yeah.