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Tom Ingham

4:30 AM

It’s important that I start my day on a positive note, so I get up nice and early to complete an hour of exercise. Today, I decide to cycle into the CBD and complete a training ride for the upcoming Tour De Cure. I ride to La Perouse with approximately 40 colleagues who are completing the 2020 Westpac Ride for a Cure in March.

Tom Cycle tour

7:30 AM

I arrive at Barangaroo to get ready and grab an essential morning boost, a soothing batch brew coffee from one of my favourite cafes in the area. I head up to the office feeling fantastic after guzzling my way through the batch brew. I secure a seat by the windows with expansive views across the Darling Harbour – it’s an amazing view to take in each day.

work from office nice view

8:00 AM

Time to clear my inbox before the rest of the team arrive. Working within a technology team, many emails that I see relate to technology monitoring and alerts. Beyond this, most emails I respond to will relate to projects I’m currently working on. Today I’m responding to several emails about sourcing data for a reporting project I am working on.

9:00 AM

I start working on an automation I am currently building to drive operational efficiency for our operations team. Using the Blue Prism software suite, I build objects that allow our robots to interact with target applications within our IT environment. To do this, I identify elements within an application that a robot interacts with. These elements are then saved within the object for future use.

10:00 AM

We hold our weekly team meeting to see how everyone is tracking towards their initiatives for the current financial year. Using JIRA, we provide updates on each task that we are working on and whether there are any blockers. These sessions allow us to stay focused on what we want to achieve and within what timeframe. In this meeting, I’m stoked to move several of my tasks into the completed category.

Weekly team meeting

11:00 AM

I continue working on the same automation from earlier today, this time focusing on building the process that the robot will need to follow. I need to think at the most detailed level with an acute awareness of any potential failure points. Where failure points may occur, I build exception handling procedures that the robot can follow in case of unexpected scenarios.

12:00 PM

I was feeling a little lazy last night and didn’t make any lunch for the day ahead. Therefore, looks like I’m out to grab of my favourite poke bowls in Barangaroo. The big Hawaiian bowl is a real delight, and I’m lucky enough to get a $5 discount through the Ritual application today. I join a bunch of fellow grads on the level three courtyard for lunch.

1:00 PM

After lunch, I focus on a new function I’ve taken ownership of within my current team. I am building a suite of dashboards to provide insights into the operational and strategic performance of our team. I’m building these dashboards using Power BI and today I’m focusing on building a logical data flow from our source systems to the data model. Along the way, I apply numerous data transformations and enhancements to get our data into a state which is optimal for data visualisation.

working with team

3:00 PM

I like to set aside time each afternoon to improve my knowledge of the technology environment at Westpac. Today, I decide to complete a short module on Learning Bank (our internal education platform) about Cloud Architecture. As university degree wasn’t IT related, it’s important that I leverage these tools to improve my knowledge on key concepts in the field.

4:00 PM

My colleague and I have a quick meeting to prepare for a presentation we’re running this afternoon. We’ll be showcasing our experiences and achievements over the past six months to the technology leadership team within Westpac. We’re a little nervous, so we’re meeting up to squeeze in some last-minute practice before the big presentation.

prepare for presentation

4:30 PM

The time has come for the big presentation this afternoon. I’m feeling excited and nervous at the same time. This is a great opportunity to showcase what I have been able to achieve in only six months in this team. Fortunately, we get a few laughs where we had planned and receive a fantastic response from the leadership team.

Company presentation

5:30 PM

Time to head home!