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AU February Job & Internship Super Fair 2022 | Employer Pitch - Shell

Watch Shell's Employer Pitch in the 2022 February Jobs & Internships Super Fair that was held on Wednesday the 23rd of February 2022.

Meet Abhilasha

"Working in a company which genuinely cares for you, is a big thing for me.” says Abhi, Engineer at Shell India. Abhi works in the Data Operations team, where they use advanced technology to explore the earth’s surfaces for future energy sources. Having a regular supply of electricity was an issue for Abhi when she was growing up in India, so it is personally motivating for her to work in a company that aims to provide more accessible energy solutions to people who do not have enough today.

Meet Melinda

“Everyone is so willing to share and support each other. That’s the beauty of working here,” says Melinda, Technologist at Shell Singapore. Melinda feels empowered to achieve results by leaders who care about her personal development. Working in the business to improve technical processes, she led a variety of projects that have developed her technical, commercial and leadership skills. Being able to openly share her ideas and speak her mind is what she most values about the culture at Shell."

Meet Hayley

‘I love what I do’ says Hayley, Engineer at Shell UK. From day one of joining the graduate programme, Hayley was made a supervisor at an offshore rig in the North Sea. She has been inspired by her colleagues, the digital technologies that are used, and the way people work together. Passionate about the world’s energy needs, Hayley chose Shell because she believes that creativity, teamwork, and problem solving are needed for the energy transition and she wants to be a part of making it happen.

Meet Quirijn

“I tend to look at people’s needs, rather than just the data “says Quirijn, Shell Netherlands. Quirijn previously worked at technology companies but wanted to work in IT that enhances people’s lives. Shell’s vision for the future of energy made up his mind to join. What inspires him is that people at Shell are personally engaged with the energy ambitions and IT has a major role to play. Quirijn loves connecting with people and enjoys the culture, where relationships matter as much as the work.

Meet Ryan

“I need to be helping to create the world I want to see,” says Ryan, Engineer at Shell USA. Volunteering with Shell after Hurricane Harvey confirmed Ryan’s sense that she can make a difference working at Shell. She says it is vital that people do what feels important to them, both inside and outside work."