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NSW Government

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Disability Support at NSW Government

The NSW Government fosters an inclusive workplace environment that supports employees of all backgrounds.

We’re committed to providing more opportunities and welcoming more students with a disability.

People with disability are under-represented in the NSW public sector workforce and have the potential to add valuable skills and perspectives to our sector. There is a job out there for everyone, and people with a disability can often have the ideal skill set to excel in a role.

If you have a disability you can request a reasonable adjustment in each step of the recruitment process.

Requesting an adjustment during the recruitment process

The Australian Network on Disability has nationally recognised and accredited our Graduate Program’s recruitment practices.

Students with a disability applying to the Graduate Program can request a reasonable adjustment at any stage of the recruitment process. Recruitment practices can be adjusted to provide all applicants a fair opportunity. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis. Some examples of adjustment requests include:

  • providing students with vision impairment a phone assessment instead of an online assessment
  • completing ability tests using paper and pen/pencil instead of online
  • longer break times between activities
  • additional time to complete certain activities
  • providing students with mental illness additional reading time during online and written assessments.

When applying for the program, tell us your preferred method of communication so that we can get in touch with you throughout the recruitment process. Please contact Akanksha Joshi on 02 8918 0835 or email adjustments@peterberry.com.au