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Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Gender Equality at Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)

At DEWR, you will have access to a range of Diversity and Inclusion Networks designed to bring people together with shared experiences and interests.

The department is committed to supporting and promoting workplace gender equity. We recognise achieving gender equity will allow us to realise the benefits of diversity in leadership and decision making, enhance our ability to attract and retain talent, and establish our credentials as a thought leader on gender and diversity in the workplace.

Gender Equity Network

The Gender Equity Network is an employee led community promoting gender equity, diversity, and inclusion for all people working in the department whether they identify as female, male, transgender, or non-binary.

The Network takes an active role in coordinating and promoting departmental policies and events that advance the goals of gender equity. The Network also has a role in supporting an inclusive workplace that celebrates all people whatever their gender, gender identity or gender expression.

Gender Equity Champions

DEWR’s Executive Diversity and Inclusion Champions play a key role in fostering an inclusive, respectful and positive workplace culture. They support Diversity and Inclusion Networks by advocating for cultural safety, competency, and change. 

Our Gender Equity Champions support the Gender Equity Network to advocate for and support gender equity and workplace flexibility. There is also a Community of Practice supporting women working in data, digital and technology, Women in Data and Digital.

Champions of Change Coalition

Secretary Natalie James is also a member of Champions of Change Coalition, a globally recognised, innovative strategy for achieving gender equality, advancing more and diverse women in leadership, and building respectful and inclusive workplaces.

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace 

DEWR is an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace. Our facilities are safe and supportive of breastfeeding.

Diversity Council of Australia

We are a member of the Diversity Council of Australia, which is the independent, not-for-profit body leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace in Australia.