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Melanie Woon

Melanie Woon completed a double degree in IT and Arts with a major in Business Information Systems and Japanese from Monash University. She is now a Technology Graduate at Coles.

6.40 AM

I get woken up at 6:40. I hit snooze and roll around for 5 or so minutes before getting up to start the day. Checking the weather, I get ready, pack my work bag, and grab breakfast to go. Hello World.

7.30 AM

I try to get ready as quickly as possible to avoid the morning rush. Leave the house around 7.30 AM to drive to the station so I can take the train around 8.00 AM. The ride can take up to half an hour due to traffic, but today the traffic was pretty breezy. It's been a peaceful train ride this morning, and luckily there were no delays.

8.30 AM

I arrive at the office around 8:30 after the walk from the station. I’m thankful for the cool breeze this morning, as it makes the walk uphill easier. Along the way, I bump into fellow tech graduates and workmates arriving at the office. I settle in at my desk with my milk tea and check my emails. I take a quick look at any new meetings and my schedule for today. Today is a team day, so many of us come into the office and grab coffee together in the morning. It’s a good time to catch up and get to know each other outside of work, too.


9.00 AM

Around 9: 00 AM, most people are in, and the office is buzzing with activity. This is partially due to the influx of tech grads who are in for the Tech Grad Monthly Social Event at lunch! I quickly pop over for a chat as we’re all across different teams; we all come on different days, so it’s always great to see how everyone’s doing.

9.30 AM

My first meeting of the day is at 9.30 AM, a stand-up for one of the teams I’m a part of. I’m currently across two squads at the moment, supporting as a Business Analyst. As I’m still settling into the team, stand-ups are great as I get a feel for the team, the type of work each specialise in and how they mitigate any blockers that arrive. It’s also great to be kept in the loop on projects that are progressing in the squad and any team that wins. As a rather technical squad, they have a huddle after the stand-up to troubleshoot some solutions. I generally stay as long as I can, but today I had a quick call with the BA I’m supporting to type up some documentation for the team.  Before my next stand-up.


11.00 AM

I have a quick, half-hour meeting with one of our stakeholders and the BA I’m shadowing. We’re doing a requirement playback in order to make sure we’re all aligned and if there’s any further changes to be made. The architect that’s across our initiatives has joined in so she can get clarification on details she needs as well for the solution design. I jump onto another quick call after, then spend the rest of the hour tidying up any documentation and continuing any tasks before lunch time.


12.00 PM

It’s lunch time! I wrap up a couple things and head off for the Tech Grad Monthly Social Event today. Today’s theme is board games and lunch. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting into that competitive spirit! Last time we played code games with the IBLs, it was wonderful chaos.  I’ve brought a few snacks to share alongside lunch and headed down with some friends.  

1.00 PM

While board games were fun, it’s back to work or me. We played Monopoly Ultimate, and I won! But unfortunately, it went bankrupt in the next round. Well, thankfully, I’m not an investment banker. Let’s buckle down for a couple hours of focused work.

2.30 PM

I get a quick ping from a product manager I work alongside, and we have a quick call to go through some work I’ve done and get briefed on additional changes to be made. After my call, I feel like taking a walk to stretch my legs, and coincidentally, my friend feels like a snack. We head down to the mini-convenient Coles store to get a yummy treat. Luckily for us, chocolate is half price.

We head back up together to our desks. Share the chocolate around and settle back down for some


5.00 PM

Seeing the time, I start wrapping out some tasks and sending out any final questions or reminders to people. I do a final check of my emails and my calendar and line up any tasks that are time-sensitive for tomorrow. After I clear up, I say goodbye to my team, whom I’ll see next week, any grads still in office, and head off to Tooronga station just before 5.30 PM.

6.10 PM

I arrive at my stop and hit the road. Once at home, I have a delicious dinner with my family before winding down and cleaning up for the evening. We usually enjoy watching TV shows, dramas, and movies as a family. As a close-knit family, it’s good to be able to spend time with them on nights I’m free. Given that I have work tomorrow, I don’t head to bed too late, but since I WFH, I take it just a little easy.

11.00 PM

After some light reading, I call it a night. Due to how flexible I try to keep my office days, I switch between my alarms, and tonight I turn the WFH one on. Goodnight World. 

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