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Abhi Manandhar

Abhi Manandhar completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce Specialist (Finance) from Monash University and is now a Finance Graduate at Coles.

6.30 AM

My alarm goes off, and I hop out of bed to make myself my signature breakfast burrito before going for a morning walk while listening to one of the many podcasts on my rotation.

8.00 AM

I’ve made it to work, and the first thing I do is send the daily sales report to the Liquor Senior Leadership team. This report breaks down the previous day’s performance and helps identify key trends in sales to help the team focus on any key areas. Then I check my emails to see if anything important has come through, so I can plan my day.

9.00 AM

The rest of the team trickles in, and we’ll go for a coffee across the road. My taste buds still haven’t fully matured, which means the bitter taste of coffee doesn’t sit well with me, so I order a chai latte or a hot chocolate instead. This time is great as it gives me a chance to catch up with what my team has been up to over the last couple of days. Sometimes I’ll use this time to catch up with my old teams, which is great for maintaining those connections throughout the business.

9.30 AM

I’ll jump into the most critical tasks to smash through as much of my to-do list as possible. This morning is all about creating slides to summarise our quarterly sales results for the Executive Leadership Team.  This involves being able to extract data from our databases, creating graphs, and coming up with commentary to contextualise our performance.


We have our weekly liquor huddle, where the entire liquor business gets together in one module and people throughout the business provide updates on their areas. Sometimes I’ll provide a finance update to go over the previous week’s financial results, and we might even get samples of newly launched products!


12.00 PM

Lunch time! I’ll get together with the other grads in my cohort, and we’ll chat about all manner of things, from what’s going on in our areas to whose footy team did well on the weekend. 

1.00 PM

Back on the tools, and I find a meeting room so I can jump on a Teams call to have a 1:1 catch-up with my line manager, who is working from home today, as it’s her turn to pick up and drop off her kids from school. We talk about how work is going, what I’m currently working on, and anything she thinks would be good for me to get involved in. 

1.30 PM

I’ll spend the rest of the day working on longer-term projects or in meetings supporting the commercial teams to analyse their performance and work on strategies to take advantage of any opportunities that might come up. This might involve analysing the impact of new promotions or the performance of newly introduced products.


5.00 PM

I pack up my laptop and head down the stairs to go to the work gym. I find the gym to be a great way to switch off from work mode and be active. The gym’s also a great opportunity to catch up with friends from around the business to chat about their day or get a spotter for the bench.

7.00 PM

I arrive home, take a shower, and eat dinner before I sit down and get through some of my Chartered Accountant coursework. I try to progressively get through the content each week to ensure I’m prepared for each assignment and build my knowledge through the term, so I’m not forced to cram before the final exam. I generally do my subjects with the other grads so we can bounce ideas off each other and work through anything we don’t understand together.

8.30 PM

It’s time to chill out and relax. I’ll generally jump on the PlayStation and play some F1 online with a few mates or watch whatever looks good on Netflix.

10.30 PM

Time for bed after a productive day. I look forward to a slight sleep in as I’ll be working from home the next day and popping on a podcast before slowly drifting off to sleep.

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