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Westpac Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Ritika Bhattacharya

5.00 AM

My day begins with a quick workout at the gym. I find starting the day with some physical activity makes me energised and productive throughout the day, which helps as I personally don’t like to drink coffee. Although, there are times when I feel really tired in the morning, so I would press the snooze button and get an extra hour in bed. 

6.30 AM

Once I return from the gym, I make breakfast and get ready for the day. I am running a bit late, so I make a run to catch the bus to the city. My commute is about one hour, so I usually spend this time listening to the latest true crime podcast episode or nod off to the sights of peak-time traffic.

arrive at office

8.30 AM

Once I reach work, I assess the vacant desks on my floor. At Westpac we work in an agile environment, which means I get to choose a different desk to sit at everyday. It’s a great way to meet different people on the floor. Once I set myself up at my chosen desk, I clear out any emails in my inbox and check my calendar for the day. I often receive communications from our clients and vendors, and receive some ad-hoc requests from my team members.

In front of laptop

9:00 AM

The first meeting I have is a workshop with a vendor for a major client project. We whiteboard out the proposed customer process flows and discuss how we are tracking to meet the client’s Go Live deadline. I make sure to note down all the actions that come out from the conversations to send around after the meeting.

team workshop

10:30 AM

I have a quick catch up with the project lead to inform her of the outcome of the workshop meeting. It looks like we will have to revise our deadlines and may need to set up contingencies to expedite the delivery of the product.

11:30 AM

I dial into a quick meeting with the Graduate Engagement Committee as we have planned an upcoming year-end celebration event with the entire graduate cohort. The Graduate Engagement Committee is a graduate-led group that organises lunch and learns, social events and other activities that bring together the cohort. After a quick chat on the best bars in Barangaroo, we provide a brief update about how we are tracking with the event organisation and review communications which are to be sent out next week.

12.00 PM

By this time, my stomach is really grumbling. I skype the other grads if they are ready for lunch too. Sometimes we sit in the kitchen on our level, but today the weather is looking good, so we sit in the outdoor food court seating area.


1:30 PM

After completing a few more tasks on my to-do list, which included updating process flow maps and sending more emails, I attend a meeting with the Risk and Compliance team. We are seeking their guidance to ensure the client project outcome will be compliant with Westpac Group’s updated risk policies and procedures. In this meeting, we complete a spreadsheet questionnaire together that can ensure risk and compliance points are addressed in the product design and processes.

2:30 PM

With no meetings scheduled for the next 2 hours, I use this time to update the process flow charts and the project dependencies timeline for our Kanban wall. The Kanban board wall maps the workflow across all stakeholder groups involved in the project. It is a very useful tool to keep tabs on what is occurring across other workstreams and ensure the project team members are accountable to their deliverables. I also add the actions that came out of today’s workshop to the Kanban board as well.

in front of the computer

4:30 PM

We have our daily stand up at the Kanban board wall with the core Westpac project team. The project lead discusses what we have achieved today and what actions will need to be prioritised for the rest of the week. Looks like a busy week lies ahead!  

stand up meeting

5.30 PM

Around this time, I start to wrap up my day and check my schedule for tomorrow. Writing a to-do list for tomorrow always helps clear my head for the next morning.

6:30 PM

Once I am home, I unpack, eat dinner and unwind by catching up on my YouTube subscriptions with a green tea, before it is lights out for me.